Challenge Resources for ages 14-19

Scroll down to download the first challenge in the series: the Communication Challenge.

The Communication Challenge helps your students develop their speaking and listening skills. Work through a series of engaging activities designed to build their confidence and prepare them for the word of work.

Supported by the Skills Builder Framework, hitting Gatsby benchmarks, and approved by Nasen for students of all abilities.

Communication Challenge (for ages 14-19)

Students are taken on a virtual ‘ready for work’ shift, where work-based communication activities are set by McDonald’s employees. Students will tackle the tasks in teams using the experiences and skills shared by the employees for inspiration. The challenges will…

Time: 2 hours
Curriculum Links: PSHE, English, Careers, Health and Wellbeing, CROSS CURRICULAR, Ofsted Principles
Skills: Speaking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Teamwork
Resources: Delivery Guide, Presentation, Workbook, Certificate, Parent Letter, Poster, curriculum links